Monday, April 10, 2017

Food sources of carbohydrates

Over the past two decades consumers, health nutrition professionals and the media have received extensive education about the importance of increasing complex carbohydrates in one’s diet.

Carbohydrates are the single most important source of food energy in the world comprising some 40-80% of the total food energy intake depending on cultural considerations and economic circumstances.

Scientists, generally defined complex carbohydrates as polysaccharides or starch plus fiber and that they also supported expanding the definition of complex carbohydrates to include dietary fiber.
Carbohydrates are found naturally in a wide variety of foods - especially plant foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes and a few animal foods like milk and honey. Fruits contain more sugar than vegetable which are high in starch. Fresh fruits can contain 6 to 20% sugar. Dried fruits may contain 70% of sugar.

The calories form plant foods are mostly provided by carbohydrates, though plant foods can also provide protein and fat. In developing country, bread, milk, sugar and margarine were the main energy sources common to all people.

The main contributors of carbohydrates were maize-meal porridge, brad, sugar, potato and milk for the rural and urban black communities. For Indian and White communities bread, sugar, milk, cooldrink (carbonated beverages), and cordials (noncarbonated beverages) were the main contributors of carbohydrates.
Food sources of carbohydrates
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