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What are the signs and symptoms of bulimia?

Bulimia is defined as ‘binge eating’ which followed by a purging of the food of voluntary vomiting, laxatives, diuretic or fasting.

Bulimia is especially tough to diagnose because the problem is often hidden. The food is usually eaten rapidly, in secret, and often drug times of stress and/or at the same structured or transitional times during the day, e.g. during the evening after work.

Some possible warning signs of developing bulimia:
*Poor self-esteem
*A sense of self-worth that is increasingly related to weight
*Instability on significant relationships
*Focus on weight and poor body image

*Interest on laxatives, diuretics, exercise, fasting and occasional bingeing and purging, with purging being used to manage potential weight gain. Recurrent episodes of binge eating (rapid consumption of a large amount of food in a discrete period of time usually less than two hours) and then try to get rid of that food so that they don’t gain weight.

*Dental sign of bulimia. From all oral signs of bulimia, the most classically related to the disorder is enamel loss on the lingual of the maxillary teeth.

There is no single physical sign that gives a clear indication of bulimia on its own. Although some sufferers will become very thin, many will fluctuate in weight frequently while others will maintain steady weight.

Those who vomit are likely to complain of a sore throat and hoarseness, experience tooth decay and have bad breath.
What are the signs and symptoms of bulimia?
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