Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Psychological factors that cause people become anorexic

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder in which patients exhibit a sustained decrease in food intake that leads to very severe emaciation.

Anorexia nervosa typically is rooted in a complex blend of psychological and emotional issues and social factors. Female dancers or athletes may become anorexic as they try to achieve an ultra-thin body they see as crucial to their success.

Anorexia has been described as a pseudo-solution for emotional or identity problems and lack of self-esteem. Focusing attention on weight and eating may give a sense of control that enables people with anorexia to avoid dealing with other painful issues.

Some of the abnormal psychological attitudes toward food, eating and body sizes seen in anorexic can also provoked in ordinary people by prolonged fasting; starving people also have abnormal preoccupations with food and body size.

It has been proposed that other psychological factors may associate with the development and maintenance of anorexia. These include depression, anxiety, alexithymia and extreme sensitivity to certain emotions such as disgust and shame.

Despite their outward appearance of being highly successful and disciplined, deep inside, any anorexics feel themselves to be ineffective and unexceptional people, unable to control themselves without a strict regimen.
Psychological factors that cause people become anorexic
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