Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is food aversion?

A conditioned food aversion is a learned dislike for and rejection of particular flavors that have been associated with illness.

It intense dislike of a food that may be a biological response to a food that once caused trouble.

It is also known as conditioned taste or flavor aversion, poison based avoidance conditioning, bait shyness or aversion.

The person will experience illness after eating a particular food or dining at particular place and its associated the food or the place with the illness through classical conditioning.

Such dislike may turn out to be allergy or other valid reason to avoid a certain food.

Food aversion develop quickly through the pairing of food with very negative events; such as foods are too hot or foods that taste ‘bad’.

It is defined as aversions to specific foods or tastes that result from the association of those foods with unpleasant internal symptoms such as malaise, illness, nausea and vomiting.

People report having acquired at least one food aversion during their lives. The typical aversion learning experience involves eating a distinctively flavored food and then getting sick.   
What is food aversion?
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