Monday, November 13, 2017

Thin is beautiful

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important for young females. They need to practice good habits and have a positive outlook in life. Those who do not follow a good set of habits can become victims of many illness.

One such illness is anorexia nervosa. People with anorexia often use dieting and weight management to feel in control mentally and emotionally.

Young females are starving themselves intentionally (anoxeria nervosa). Some women are bingeing and purging (bulimia nervosa) on the campuses colleges and universities, while many in corporate America are crash-dieting and abusing laxatives in a dangerous, sometimes deadly, attempt to control their weight.

But why are women slowly killing themselves to be thin? What's behind the deadly cycle of eating disorders that is quietly engulfing some of the community?

It is hard to disentangle the myriad assumptions that circulate around anorexia. The assumptions have a strong hold in the public imaging of the disorder and it seems as if everyone has some familiarity with and hence an opinion on the topic.

Each person who self starved or who had a diagnosis of anorexia as striving toward the attainment of thinness. It was the thin body that was the focus of attention, the marker of illness or of succumbing to patriarchal ideals.

In American culture, being thin is in. Being overweight is out. TV and billboards show beautiful, thin people having fun. People are told that being thin is desirable.

People with anorexia may see thin as the key to success and happiness. Food is the enemy that prevents them from achieving their goal. They starve themselves to be thin.

Anorexia was more than a medical diagnosis; it was among many things, an empowering state of being, a friend an enemy and a way of life.
Thin is beautiful
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